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About Me

Hiya, I’m Kelly and this is my little blog where I babble about my adventures and life – basically I post about travel, fancy pants hotels, gluten free afternoon tea, cake, occasionally shoes and whatever tickles my fancy.  Originally from New Zealand, I currently call England home and shock horror I don’t live in London…I actually live in the Shires!

I’m not a fan of these “About Me” pages which are written in the third person; I find them rather cheesy so I will give you a few facts about me.

^^ That’s me sitting on top of a rather large sand dune in Libya; I’m a huge fan of North Africa and the Middle East.

I’m a Kiwi; I hold one of those fantastic little black passports that every immigration officer sees and then wants to have a discussion about the All Blacks.

I’m now residing in Bedfordshire or as I like to call it “The Shires” – I don’t have hairy feet!  Nothing really happens in Bedfordshire but it was the Duchess of Bedford that started Afternoon Tea so the county gets a rather large gold star from me!

I have a “shoe room” – yes I do! I should point out that I still leave all my shoes around the house for the other half to trip over (he needs something to complain about right?)

I’m gluten free – not trying to be trendy; I just have a nasty case of IBS that is better managed if I don’t eat gluten.  My IBS was caused by a rather bad case of food poisoning from eating a dodgy prawn in Namibia – I had food poisoning for 4 months; yeah not a week like normal people.

I love staying in luxury hotels – if I can get a free night via a travel hack then I will.  Absolutely adore the IHG brand of hotels and stay often for free via my points!  Why pay for hotel rooms?

As well as eating the dodgy prawn in Namibia, a cheetah decided to bite my feet – there was no blood (thank goodness as I faint at the sight of it!) just good ol’ teeth marks.

My favourite three countries in the world are New Zealand, Croatia and Syria.

I have visited over 50+ countries on my travels now and still love discovering new countries; my thirst for adventure still continues.

My two bits of travel advice would be to make sure you always have a pair of jandals (flip flops) with you on your travels and don’t leave home without travel insurance.

My favourite colour is red; I hate cucumbers and beetroot and I love sleeping under the stars on a clear night.

I’m afraid of the following things (in no particular order) – rats, mice, sheep, birds, heights, stairs, staples and ladders.

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Kelly xx

P.S. The really boring stuff – I used affiliate links on my blog which means if you purchase something I may gain a small commission (it costs you nothing extra) however it means I can buy another pair of shoes.

P.S.S. If you would like to use any of my photos from this blog please contact me to seek permission prior to using.


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