Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes


May 17, 2013

Packing TipsThe Best Shoes for Travelling

For any well heeled traveller, picking the right shoes for your travels is a nightmare so I thought I would share what I think are the best shoes for travelling.  I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to take more than 3-4 pairs of shoes away with you on holiday (contrary to my blog title I don’t travel the world with 80 pairs of shoes – imagine the excess lugagge fees – if I had to pay for excess luggage then I would be camping rather than staying in a 5 star hotel!).  


City Break Weekend

Converse are the perfect choice for hitting the pavements when sight seeing; I prefer the leather converse for the winter months and the canvas converse for the summer months.


Ballet Flats can take you easily from day to night and can be dressed up and down; give them a test run before taking them on holiday with you.  I swear by Bloch Ballet Flats, just in case you’re wondering; great if you have a wider foot.


Havaianas are always my third pair of shoes that I religously pack due to most of the hotels that we stay at having a pool; also perfect when you’re rushing down for breakfast (normally with dripping wet hair with minutes to spare before they stop serving breakfast) and I find them super comfortable to walk around in.

I normally wear my Ash boots on board my European flights as they’re super comfortable and pretty stylish.

Christmas Markets

Knee High Boots are what I lived in during our week touring the German Christmas Markets last year as it’s all about layering.  Leather Converse and Ballet Flats were the other shoes I packed for the week away for the same reasons above.


Beach Holiday

Havaianas are a no brainer (I love them and own a rainbow of colours).


Strappy Sandals are another no brainer;  obviously if you’re on a beach holiday you would have given yourself a little pedicure before heading away so show off those pretty toes – I’m loving the Ancient Greek Sandals as you can wear these with a maxi dress.

Canvas Converse but only if you plan to do a bit of sightseeing otherwise pack another pair of sandals.

Shoes not to take travelling

Trainers – if you don’t exercise at home then why the hell take them on holiday with you; who cares if the hotel has a gym – you’re not going to use it! (Note to self, read this post before packing for your next trip!)


High Heels – seriously High Heels and Old Towns in Europe just don’t go together at ALL; they’re death traps! Think pretty cobbled streets and then think of ladies looking like bambi trying to keep their balance, if you need a better visual of this then visit Covent Garden in London on a Friday / Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the ladies in their heels. Unless you’re going to catch a taxi, leave them at home and take some pretty flats instead.


Feeling upset about me saying don’t take heels on holiday – have a biscuit!


Feel better now?

If your shoes are uncomfortable at home, then they’re going to be ten times more uncomfortable on holiday and don’t ruin a holiday by wearing shoes that are going to kill your feet.

My biggest packing tip – leave room in your luggage to buy a new pair of shoes when away on holiday as shoes are souvenirs in my world!

What shoes do you always take travelling with you?


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