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May 15, 2013

My Travel Wish List & 2015 Plans

After a few rather difficult months in Europe earlier this year I made a pretty broad statement that I would never step foot in Europe again (fool me once, shame on you kind of thing…) so with that in mind here is my 2015 (no Europe) travel wish list (but I still love YOU Poland xx).

At the end of February in Napier, NZ is the Art Deco weekend. A time filled with jitterbug lessons, vintage cars, Gatsby themed picnics and High Tea with Mr Dilmah himself. I really, really, really want to go this year. (image credit)


Another thing at the top of my list for next year is to go swimming with the whales in Tonga. It looks amazing. Just need to get those swimming lessons (yes, I live on a Pacific Island and can’t swim – I know). (image credit)


I am going to be lucky enough to spend my birthday having a shopping spree in Alannah Hill in Melbourne, Australia. My favourite Australian city. Where I can head to the Greek precinct for gyros, the Italian precinct for pasta before taking a tram down to stroll along the river.

As my travel plans for next year are so far on the light side I thought I would enlighten you with my ultimate travel wish list. I found one of these I wrote back in the stone age circa 1999 A.D. and found a few of the things I had managed to do.

Lvov check, ride in a gondola check, Caucasus check, ride a camel check, Santorini check; but now for the still far off dream destinations and events:

Festivals: I am busting a gut to get to see the Lajkonik in Krakow, check out San Fermin in Pamplona (running with the bulls), hold my breath during El Colacho (baby jumping) in Spain, get swept away during Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Then there is the beautiful  Rose Festival in Morocco, Romani Pilgrimage of the Gitans in France, and the colourful  Dia de los Muertes or Day of the Dead in Mexico. (image credit)


Hiking: There is nothing better to clear your head than a good walk or hike if you’re more inclined and these are the ones I really want to do: Camino de Santiago in northern Spain with pilgrims passport, certificate and all. The gorgeous Path of the God’s on the Amalfi Coast, before heading further south to climb Mt Etna and Stromboli. The Jesus Trail from Nazareth to Capernaum in Israel and also the mammoth Israel National Trail from Dan in the North to Eilat in the South, 1000km of head clearing bliss. (image credit)


Hotels: Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakesh have you seen this place on Pinterest – I’m in love. Lion Ivory Sands in South Africa – this is how you camp!, Giraffe Manor in Kenya – sharing my breakfast with a giraffe (hell yes!), Aman Sveti Stefan (have you seen this place!), Four Seasons Hotel in Florence – opulent much!. (image credit)


Finland: I wish I was in Finland – I have the t-shirt and it is true!. From staying at Santa Claus Village then heading to Kakslauttanen to sleep in a glass igloo. Checking out the Northern Lights before going on a snow mobile safari, then snow shoeing, riding in a reindeer sleigh, relaxing in a sauna, stalking the Dudesons. How about a husky safari, ice breaker cruise, ice rally driving…man this list goes on and on and on. I want every winter adventure Lapland and Finland as a whole has to offer!. (image credit)


Russia: There are two places in Russia I want to see so very much. The first is the peninsula of Kamchatka – a land of fire and ice. With stunning vistas, valleys of geysers, volcanoes and ice caves. Unbelievable! The other place on my list is Birobidzhan, a place with a fascinating history in the far eastern reaches of Russia, it was chosen as a Jewish homeland within Russia. It truly is fascinating! unfortunately these two destinations do not seem the easiest to access, but seem unbelievably worth it. (image credit)


New York & QM2: I really want to see New York and I want nothing more than to get there from Southampton on the QM2 – that is one of my ultimate dreams (I will even take the room under the stairs!). Then I can go to YIVO, Ellis Island, check out Aladdin on Broadway, go on a Pizza tour, find Frank Sinatras birthplace, track down any shows being filmed in the streets the list goes on and on and on (image credit)


Japan: I have never had sushi and I will not until I have been to Japan and eaten it there -I’m stubborn like that. I want to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms, climb Mt Fuji, become a kid again (like I need any help) at the Sylvania Village theme park, get dressed up like a proper Geisha and of course try sushi for the first time! (image credit)


South Korea: I love the kooky and it seems South Korea has this in spades from the Trick Eye Museum, virtual shopping, hanging out at the Mud Festival in Boryeong, Jeju Alive Museum…seriously the more I browse the more quirky places I find. (image credit)


Halloween Tour in Romania: There are a few companies that offer this. And the best will have you celebrate Halloween with a party in Sighisoara the home of one Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula. When I finally get to dress up (Where’s Wally or Carmen Sandiego – I can’t decide) for a proper Halloween party I want to be celebrating it here – oh yes please!. (image credit)


Cuba: Lastly but by no means least I want to go on a Salsa dancing holiday to Cuba. Learning to shake and shimmy in the morning and exploring Havana or relaxing on a beach in the afternoon…a dream come true. (image credit)


What is on your travel wish list? have you been to any of the places or done any of the things on mine, I would love to know?

May your 2015 be filled with many travel adventures. Happy Travels!

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