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May 17, 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam

When I’m travelling with G to Europe we have made a pact to try and find the best gluten free Afternoon Tea.  Why; well I like a challenge and it’s fun to see a continental twist on the British version of Afternoon Tea.  On our recent trip to Amsterdam we decided to try the Afternoon Tea at The Amstel Hotel.

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea mackerel starter


As far as sandwiches go I was pretty impressed.  The gluten free sandwiches weren’t served on traditional bread but more of a crisp bread which was amazing.  What I loved the most about the sandwiches was how the gluten loaded sandwiches were served – inside a giant loaf contained the finger sandwiches; it was totally unique.  A yummy meat and vegetable skewer was also served.

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea gluten free sandwiches


Now as we know from my previous European Afternoon Tea excursions in Berlin and Vienna; gluten free scones never appear.  To be honest they never made an appearance in Amsterdam either however the hotel included a gluten free bread roll which was a much better alternative than not providing anything at all.

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea scones gluten free bread


The pastries were then promptly served and we were told everything was gluten free however luckily I was still taking photos when the waiting staff rushed over to point out there was a misunderstanding and that only two of the items were gluten free and they would bring out a gluten free alternative for me.  A big “Phew” moment; thank goodness that it takes me forever to photograph food!

The Gluten Free Alternative was a lovely selection of fruits and macaroons; everything was so tasty.  There was a chocolate fountain that we were allowed to use so I had fun dunking in the strawberries and making a right old mess.

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea gluten free pastries cakes

The Gluten loaded pastries were very impressive and I decided to share some photos.  G had to take a breather as there were so many things to eat (possibly as he was eating 2 lots of pastries).

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea pastries cakes


This was an interesting concept and again something that I wasn’t too sure about in the beginning but I was won over in the end.  With each course you are served a different tea that compliments that course; the staff give you a brief description of the tea and the area that it’s from.

If you are after champagne; they offer a lovely glass of Moet with the Afternoon Tea.


The Amstel Hotel is the best hotel in town; it’s where the foreign dignitaries stay and also the Backstreet Boys (thought I would throw that in just in case you were wondering).  The surroundings are extremely elegant and it was so lovely to see that it was mainly locals having Afternoon Tea at The Amstel.  The Lounge is definitely the place to take Afternoon Tea in Amsterdam.

80 pairs of shoes amstel hotel amsterdam afternoon tea gluten free interior


The service was fabulous even though they were extremely busy.  I’m not sure if refills are offered with the Afternoon Tea however we didn’t leave feeling hungry.

Would I go back?  Most definitely – this has to be the best Afternoon Tea that I have tried to date in Europe; it has some very unique features and if you are looking for something a bit different to do in Amsterdam than this is ideal.

The Afternoon Tea at The Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam starts at Euros 40 per person.


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