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May 15, 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley

G and I celebrated birthday’s last week, so for our joint celebration we decided to go out for Afternoon Tea – surprise surprise!  We did have a week off from eating Afternoon Tea and I managed to gain weight, go figure.

One of the most famous Afternoon Tea’s in London at the moment is The Berkeley’s Pret-a-Portea Afternoon Tea which draws inspiration from various fashion house shows each season including biscuits in the shape of clothes and shoes, and little bags made out of cakes (someone has a lot of patience!).  The menu is changed every 6 months.

x the berkeley afternoon tea menu

I was lucky enough to make the booking in early January as you do need to book in advance as all the little fashionistas have their tea here.

The sandwiches are brought out on a tray and the Gluten Free sandwiches were amazing!  Love the fillings and the bread.

x the berkeley afternoon tea gluten free sandwiches

Now if you are expecting Scones, Clotted Cream and Jam you are going to be disappointed like G was – as this Afternoon Tea does not come with scones but you can request these at an extra cost which G ended up doing as apparently all the cakes were just snacks.  The below two photos are of the standard Afternoon Tea.

x the berkeley afternoon tea cake stand pastries

Still get confused why the Gluten Free Afternoon Tea never comes out on a Cake Stand like the normal Afternoon Tea’s.  These were my Gluten Free goodies –

x the berkeley afternoon tea gluten free cakes

I loved this Afternoon Tea, its quite cosy and G and I got to sit next to each other on a couch looking out at all the guests enjoying their teas.  The colour scheme is rather bright which I adored – imagine bright pinks, yellows and green.

x the berkeley afternoon tea cakes

I would recommend the Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea, it’s divine!

I didn’t think there would be refills for this Afternoon Tea but there is and the waiting staff are extremely attentive and refill without asking which was a great surprise.

And if you don’t finish everything – don’t stress, you get a bright little doggy bag to take home with all your uneaten treats!  I asked G if he wanted to carry his little man bag but he grabbed the Liberty bags instead – chicken!

x the berkeley afternoon tea doggie bag

I would definitely recommend this Afternoon Tea and if you are Gluten Free don’t worry they have got a number of great treats for you as well.

For my birthday, Mother Nature gave me 10 hours of daylight and sunshine, what a great birthday present, Spring is on the way!

x the berkeley flowers


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