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May 17, 2013

Afternoon tea at The Landmark

After booking a night’s stay at The Landmark Hotel for the Bank Holiday weekend through the Secret Escapes website, we decided to take the opportunity to try the Afternoon Tea while staying the weekend.

The Landmark was one of the great Victorian railway hotels in London which was constructed during Britian’s golden age of steam, making the hotel a truly opulent place to visit.


We started with the sandwiches which included fillings such as Chicken, Egg, Cucumber and Salmon which are your standard sarnies which you get served at most of the hotels.  For me, my favourite was the Chicken sarnie and I have to say this has been the tastiest sandwich I have had yet!

the landmark afternoon tea sandwiches 1

The gluten free sandwiches include the same fillings as above and come out toasted; the bread was really lovely and not thick which I have found in the past to be extremely filling that you struggle to get through the scones and pastries.

the landmark gluten free afternoon tea sandwiches 1


The normal scones were light and fluffy and you get a selection of different flavours including plain, fruit and chocolate.  Strawberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream are served with the scones.

the landmark afternoon tea scones 1

The gluten free scones looked amazing and I got rather excited as they looked like the normal scones however they were extremely hard (to the point you could chip a tooth!) and were very very dry.  As you can see from the photo below; they looked so pretty!

the landmark gluten free afternoon tea scones 1

Unfortunately our scones were not bought out at the same time and I had a wait for about ten minutes before my gluten free scones arrived.


The normal pastries included three different cakes and the gluten free pastries were all chocolate infused which included a chilli creme brulee, chocolate cake and a white chocolate mousse.  G said that my pastries were a lot more tasty than his.

the landmark afternoon tea pastries 1

the landmark gluten free afternoon tea pastries chocolate 1


My tea selection was The Landmark blend which was infused with vanilla and was lovely; I would recommend this tea blend if you are visiting.


The Afternoon tea is held in the Winter Garden with palm trees in the atrium; it’s a truly glorious setting for the tea.

the landmark winter garden antrium 1

I did feel like something was lacking from the atmosphere though; I’m not sure if this was the lack of pretty china (it was plain white Royal Doulton) or having no flowers on our table – it was just missing a bit of zing for my liking!

The traditional Afternoon tea costs £40 per person


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