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January 28, 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Lanesborough

My New Years resolution was to eat more Afternoon Tea and trust me I am not going to fail in this resolution.
On Sunday we went for Afternoon Tea at The Lanesborough on Hyde Park Corner in London and can I just congratulate the hotel and staff on the best atmosphere and Gluten Free Afternoon Tea now!  I was totally impressed.
A while ago as a pressie for G, I purchased a book on Afternoon Tea’s in London called Tea and Cake London – its just under £8 on Amazon but totally worth it if you like the Afternoon Tea ritual.  I did buy G the Brown’s Tea gift pack along with the book in case you thought I was rather tight!  And to be honest, the tea was for G and the book was more for me but G doesn’t know that.
G picked the The Lanesborough as in the book it said they do a fabulous Gluten Free Afternoon Tea; you know me as I booked it – yeah right whatever however I have to say this hotel knows how to do a great Afternoon Tea for allergy sufferers – they do a Gluten and Diary Free offering as long as you give them 12 hours notice.
I really loved that the Gluten Free Afternoon Tea was beautifully presented on one large plate that was delivered at the same time as G’s Gluten loaded Afternoon Tea – Hallelujah! 
We were seated at Table 5, which was great, you could people watch however our only issue during our whole visit was that our table was merely centimetres from the next table and we had two Australian ladies seated next to us – and to quote G – “I didn’t think it was possibly but those Aussie women talked more than you!” Yep they sure did, even I wanted to tell them to shut up and eat!  Needless to say, G and I didn’t need to talk to each other as the Aussies were going for gold – I only wish I had a remote to turn their volume down.  Just in case you were wondering what their travel plans were, they are going to Egypt, skiing in Austria, Croatia for summer and back home to Australia in November for a wedding in case you were interested!
When we came to pay the bill for our Afternoon Tea we noticed that our bar bill wasn’t included (as we had popped into The Library Bar) and as a thank you for telling them they took off the cost of two drinks from our bar bill for been honest; how lovely is that!
To be honest, we had no idea about The Lanesborough before arriving at the hotel however we were totally blown away with its beauty – its just such an unassuming hotel and all the staff are extremely polite and welcoming.
I seriously thought no hotel in London could compete with Claridge’s however after visiting The Lanesborough yesterday I think Claridge’s better watch out!  Amazing Customer Service, incredible food and a hotel where you feel totally comfortable and at home.
Now, just in case you are worried that I am going to have to be cut out of our house after eating all these tea’s some time in the future – I am exercising at home – a word of advice, never eat cake before doing a Bootcamp exercise DVD; eat it afterwards!
Next stop, Sketch on Saturday with G and his friend

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