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October 29, 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Old Cataract Hotel Aswan, Egypt

As I’ve said many times before, I travel to eat cake and our trip to Egypt was no exception. We had ventured to the south of Egypt to Aswan so we could take Afternoon Tea at The Old Cataract Hotel right on the side of the Nile.  While Afternoon Tea might be an English tradition, there are some truly magical places to take Afternoon Tea in the world and this is one of them!



The gluten free sandwiches were in fact mini scones with savoury toppings – Prawns, Salmon, Cheese and Beef.  I was impressed with the variety of the fillings.



Now I become a cranky bear when I’m provided with a fruit platter instead of gluten free scones however there are exceptions to the rule and this is one of those exceptions.  It was close to 40 degrees and we were sitting on the Old Cataract Terrace overlooking the Nile – something light was required.  There was no way I could eat scones but a large fruit platter, yeah I could eat that no sweat!


G on the other hand went for the his gluten loaded scones and enjoyed them immensely.  I have a photo of him eating a scone and pouring tea at the same time, who said men can’t multi task (I won’t be sharing that photo unless you want me too…)



Come to mama you yummy Creme Brûlée,  G said it was horrible but that was only because he wanted to eat mine – the Old Cataract do a mean Creme Brûlée!  The bite sized macaroons were lovely and had a soft mint flavour which G was very taken with and he hates macaroons so that is saying something.  The mini sponge was a little dry however I was impressed with the rest of the selection of pastries on offer especially since everything was gluten free.



I went for a mint tea which was refreshing and light, just what the doctor ordered and this became my tea of choice while we stayed at The Old Cataract.


I will be honest, the Afternoon Tea wasn’t the best I have ever had but location wise this is most definitely the most amazing place to have Afternoon Tea in the world!  Where else can you sit down overlooking the Nile while the sun is setting in the distance while enjoying petite pastries with classical music playing softly in the background.



The service was attentive and I loved the Food & Beverage staff at the Old Cataract – when it came to sorting out my gluten free afternoon tea we had a chat to what I could and couldn’t eat the day before and that is what I call service!

Would I recommend – Totally, if you are in Aswan then I would highly recommend putting on some fancy clothes and heading to the Old Cataract to have afternoon tea.  It’s truly a memorable experience at one of the world’s most iconic hotels and you will never have that view anywhere else in the world.

Afternoon Tea at The Old Cataract Hotel starts at USD32 per person.


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