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May 17, 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Carlton in Vienna, Austria

On our recent trip to Vienna I had one plan and it pretty much involved eating a lot of cake! When G and I travel we like to see if there is an opportunity to have a spot of Afternoon Tea in a new destination and this trip was to be no exception.  So after a bit of research on the subject I booked us in for Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Carlton which is one of Vienna’s newest luxury hotels.



I have to say that Vienna does produce some of the best gluten free bread ever!  The gluten free sandwiches were open (which I love as it means you can fit in all the sweet treats on offer!) with lovely fillings such as salmon, roast beef and cream cheese.


G’s sarnies were in a form of club sandwich and had the same fillings.


When it comes to the scones I’m still slightly disappointed; there were none provided with the gluten free afternoon tea and this was never explained at the time of booking or when we arrived.

G did have scones however I did have to request them as they weren’t going to provide them as they had no scones for me.



The gluten free pastries were extremely well done; with a mixture of macaroons, mini cakes and fruit.  If there was a winner it was the chocolate sponge with the delicate touch of cream!


G’s pastries included a number of macaroons and some scrummy tarts (they are in the photo below on the right).



The tea used at The Ritz Carlton is from Dammann; the oldest and biggest French tea company.  We choose a light and refreshing white tea which is always the perfect tea to drink with afternoon tea.



Afternoon Tea is served in the Lobby Lounge Melounge which is gorgeous and a very relaxing area; big comfy sofas and lush cushions to relax into.


Now unfortunately this is where it all really went wrong for me; the service was definitely not what I was expecting for a Ritz Carlton hotel.

The hotel is trying to offer a relaxed atmosphere and that includes the staff wearing more casual uniforms to what I was used too.  However I found that the casual attitude that they were trying to give off was also making the service very casual.

When we arrived into the hotel there wasn’t anyone at the door, the gentleman at the lobby desk didn’t even look up when we arrived and I had to wait at reception to ask a staff member if the lounge area behind me was where the Afternoon Tea was to be served.

The staff were always looking down at their feet and on one occasion after failing to get the attention of the staff member I went up to ask if we could have our scones; only to find out then that there were no gluten free scones for me and that meant that G wasn’t to get any scones either.  I requested G’s scones.

After finishing Afternoon Tea we went upstairs to the rooftop bar which gives a lovely view across Vienna; the service was much better in the bar however we were served by a staff member wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch top.  Call me a snob however I felt like I was getting served at a hostel by a gap year student and not a Ritz Carlton hotel!


Would I go back – to be honest no; mainly due to the service and the lack of scones (no discount was offered for not providing a full afternoon tea).

I would on the other hand pop in for a piece of gluten free carrot cake which was delicious and well worth a visit just for that!


Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Carlton Vienna costs €30 pp.

Have you ever tried a Ritz Carlton Hotel for a gluten free Afternoon Tea?  Am interested in hearing what your thoughts were please.


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