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May 17, 2013

JING Tea Masterclass

After living in the UK for a few years now I can safely say I have turned; yes into a tea drinker!  I’m not going to lie, I dislike the tea bag and am a total tea leaves kind of girl now.

I was pretty excited to be invited to the JING Tea Masterclass which was held at Paramount, overlooking a very twinkling London thanks to all the pretty Christmas lights.

80 pairs of shoes jing tea masterclass

The Masterclass was to teach us all how to make the perfect cup of tea which to be honest you think wouldn’t be too hard however I’m not a patient kind of woman and plunge my leaves as soon as I put in my hot water.  Bad I know!

We were to taste three signature JING teas and the Wild Wuyi Gold Tea which is the UK’s most exclusive black tea.

80 pairs of shoes jing tea masterclasses different types of tea

JING Silver Needle White Tea

This is a light refreshing white tea from Fujian, China which can be served at any time of the day preferably without milk – alas the perfect tea while partaking in Afternoon Tea!

Water temperature: 60-70°C / Infuse: 3-5 minutes

JING Anji Green Tea

This is the perfect Chinese Green Tea with a smooth after taste which can be served at any time of the day without milk.  I’m going to be honest and say I am not a fan of Green Tea however if the correct water temperature is used then the flavour of the leaves is very different and I was almost converted, ALMOST!

Water temperature 70°C / Infuse 3-4 mins

JING Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong Tea

This beautiful tea from the Guangdong Province in China is a dark tea with different layers of flavours which keep developing through the many cups of tea that you will indulge in. The tea is perfect for a morning or afternoon pick me up, once again preferably without milk.

Water temperature Boiling water / Infuse 2 minutes

After a few nibbles courtesy of Paramount it was on to try the UK’s most expensive black tea.

JING Wild Wuyi Gold Black Tea

Hand picked from 100 year old tea trees this tea is only produced in very small batches hence why it’s very popular amongst tea connoisseurs.  The tea has very deep nutty notes along with a smooth malty taste.

Now you are probably thinking how expensive can this tea be; well think along the lines of £90 for 10 grams meaning it works out to be about £30 per cup of tea!

What I loved the most was the gorgeous tea ceremony involved to prepare the tea which on a cold winters day would be the perfect way to relax.

80 pairs of shoes jing tea master class heated teapots uks most expensive black tea 1

80 pairs of shoes jing tea master class heated teapots uks most expensive black tea 2

For me my favourite tea of the night was the JING Silver Needles White Tea which I will definitely be placing an order for in the near future.

JING Tea provide tea to some of the world’s top hotels and restaurants including The Savoy, The Langham and Brown’s Hotel in London and The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong just to name a few.

If you still haven’t done your Christmas shopping then you need to check out JING Tea as they have some perfect Christmas gifts including a great variety of teas which come in the most stunning gold packaging, Infuser Mugs which are perfect for drinking the perfect cup of tea at your desk or a Tea Subscription where new teas are delivered to your door each month.

If you are looking for some more gift ideas then check out my post on Christmas Present ideas for a lover of Afternoon Tea.

What’s your favourite Tea?


Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to the JING Tea Masterclass and as always the opinions are my own however I do drink their tea at home as it’s the best money can buy!

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