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May 17, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Hey Hey, it’s less than a month away from Christmas Day and I’m pretty darn excited…Christmas is my favourite time of the year and this year I’m going home to New Zealand to celebrate.  So of course Rebecca, Emma and our lovely co-host, Ayla from Mrs Ayla’s Adventures decided to have a Festive Travel Link Up…it would be rather rude not too really.


I was going to write about something rather different for our Festive Link Up but then a Christmas tree quite seriously stopped me in my tracks yesterday and had me asking…what has the world come too?!?!

I’m a slight traditionalist, for me a Christmas Tree should be decorated in Red and Gold; you could push the boundaries and go for silver but I would probably look down my rather large nose at you for choosing silver…I’m Team Red and Gold all the way…all the way.

Last weekend, I saw the rather large Christmas Tree at St Pancras Station which is covered in Disney toys…I found this all rather peculiar to be honest…firstly how have they stuck these stuffed toys to the tree…are they stapled, nailed or glued….and poor bloody Mickey Mouse that has a Christmas Tree stuck up his bum for over a month…


…but then again,what about the angel on top of a Christmas Tree…possibly the reason why she always has a smile on her face!  I should point out that I always place a star on the top of my tree.

So after getting slightly freaked out over the Disney tree…the kids obviously love it…I thought, that’s probably the craziest Christmas tree I would see until YESTERDAY….in Mayfair of all bloody places!


The Connaught have a lovely Christmas Tree out the front of the hotel which has being designed or should I say decorated…who blooming knows what the correct terminology is…Damien Hirst has dressed the Christmas tree…


…and yes you are seeing correctly…a Christmas Tree covered in pill bottles, syringes, pills (some in the shape of snowmen), surgical scissors, strings of sausages and some doves.


^^Merrily-on-High….no words for this one, sorry!

This is the lowdown on The Connaught website

“Hirst, has drawn inspiration from the sense of hope derived from the power of science and medicine, one of the artist’s most enduring themes. The Connaught Christmas tree has been dressed with over 300 decorations, including a series of festively reimagined medical instruments, snowmen formed of giant pills, as well as traditional white doves – a symbol of hope, beauty and fragility –  and garlands of pink sausages, playfully reflecting the idea of Christmas being a time of plenty.”

I much prefer G’s explanation of the tree, that The Connaught are supporting a hospital charity this Christmas….but they aren’t.

Heaven forbid if they got Miss Emin to dress the Christmas Tree next year…you could just imagine it…a beautiful Christmas Tree covered in stained sheets and used condoms!

Am I getting a bit ranty over a Christmas Tree…yes I am but do you know what…when I look at this Christmas Tree all I see are pill bottles and syringes…I don’t see the meaning of what it is trying to reflect; yes it’s different but there is a time and place for reflection and it’s not on a Christmas Tree.

And yes I’m grateful for the power of science and medicine but just not like this.

When I asked one of the staff what the meaning behind it was…he smiled and said I wasn’t the first to ask…and I’m bloody sure I won’t be the last.

Maybe I’m just a Moaning Myrtle…it did look pretty when the lights were turned on and you stood metres away from the tree so you didn’t see the tacky decorations!


Bring on the crazy used condom tree for Christmas 2016 I say!  So what do you think of these Christmas trees…am I officially classed as an old fogey for not liking the decorations and just wanting plain old baubles?  I’m sure this tree will be like marmite; you’ll either love it or hate it!

It’s Christmas, so pop on your glad rags and join our Christmas Party!

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