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May 17, 2013

April 2019: Life Update

Hi De Hi campers! Is this year going fast or what…April is now behind us and we’re full steam ahead to cooler weather here in New Zealand.

April 2019: Life Update

Places I’ve Visited this Month

At the beginning of the month, I visited the Green Expo and found some really cool new sustainable New Zealand brands to support…it’s an exciting time for the industry but also sad when you see items from your childhood now being sold as sustainable items…imagine if the world hadn’t stopped using these items!

I’m pretty excited to try my new period knickers!

I caught up with Sara and we had a yummy meal at the Buddhist Temple in Flatbush

April 2019: Life Update

…plus had a lovely little snoop around the property…I just learnt today that a lady in our finance team is Buddhist and we had a really lovely chat around the religion….every day is a school day.

I love autumn days at the beach which Auckland does extremely well!

April 2019: Life Update

April 2019: Life Update

April 2019: Life Update

We did a family road trip for a few days in the North Island…

April 2019: Life Update

…we ventured down to Taihape to see family…

April 2019: Life Update

…and then onto Palmerston North…

April 2019: Life Update

…and Wellington.  Paps and I visited Te Papa to see the Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War exhibition which was incredible and I would recommend a visit…it’s free by the way so there is no excuse.

April 2019: Life Update

Mama and Lisa visited the Archives and had a “Who Do You Think I Am?” moment; mama found out a load of information about her Dad which she never knew and also about her grandfather who had also came out from Dalmatia to New Zealand with his brother.  Read more about my family Ancestry here.

Pappy and I had a beautiful walk through Waitawa Regional Park last weekend….autumn sunshine and sea views were blissful!

April 2019: Life Update

Mama went subtle with Easter decorating this year…

April 2019: Life Update

…NOT!  This is just a fraction of the decorations.

April 2019: Life Update

Paps and I attended the Dawn Service…

April 2019: Life Update

…over 7,000 services were cancelled around New Zealand after the Christchurch attacks and potential lack of security; it was a rather sad day on so many levels.  Paps and I felt so safe with the dozen or so orange cones and two police officers…which was less security then in the past even with Judith Collins in attendance (who actually came across really well in her speech at the dawn service).

Books I’ve Read

Book reading took a back seat to just listening to music on my commute…I’m still reading the book that I started at the beginning of the month.

Articles I’ve Read That Are An Interesting Read

I Faked It All For Instagram

A Lack of Knowledge of Maori Culture Blamed for Breach of Rahui at Mermaid Pools – Personally I think we will see many more sites closed over time; tourism is a huge money earner currently for New Zealand but there is a fine line that I think we’ve crossed.

West Coast New Zealand: The Tourist Trap

9 Old Fashioned Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

What is Over Tourism?

Fodor’s No List for 2019 – Where not to visit!

Instagram Tourists Hit Back Over Photo Claims – the couple didn’t swim at the Blue Springs BUT there is definitely a growing concern by New Zealanders of what is happening to our beautiful country thanks to the popularity of the country on social media…the NZ Herald posted a totally bull shit article slating the couple BUT the concern is real.

Ex-Expat Update

I’ve sorted through my boxes again and pulled out my winter clothes and shoes…managed to get rid of 7 boxes…mainly due to poor packing on the UK side as there were a few half empty boxes which is annoying as you pay for space not weight!

But alas…it’s nice to see my winter shoes again.

Slowly becoming more used to living in New Zealand…it’s taking time to get myself settled but I think I am almost there.

I think I need to be a bit more outgoing in the coming months.

New Zealand Life 

Anzac Day is a really special day for New Zealand and Australia where we remember our fallen soldiers and the ones that are currently serving around the world…it’s not a celebration, it’s a time for reflection.  The day is a public holiday in New Zealand and it still shocks me that Remember Day is not a public holiday in the UK…shops are closed before lunchtime in New Zealand so everyone can attend services and many people do.

April 2019: Life Update

I find myself making so many comparisons between New Zealand and England lately…mainly over how friendly everyone is on this side but also how people are willing to get shit done in New Zealand without fuss or bullshit.


Back into exercise especially walking and p.volve…p.volve is freaking amazing and love my lines on my tummy.

Health Update

I feel a load better after having my iron infusion last month; it’s made a huge difference to my health and mental health…it was well worth the investment.

I managed to sit next to a lady on the train with a cough; the following day I ended up feeling sick…rock on a month long cold…blahhhhhh…hopefully I’ve seen the back of that.  Kiwi colds are awful…not for wimps!

Plans for May

I’m off to Hamilton for a food expo and then to Sydney for a long weekend which is exciting…the last time I visited was 2003 so it will be interesting to see how the city has changed.

Just reading my star sign for the month and it’s telling me to do more meditation and yoga…that’s on the agenda as my mind feels a bit crazy right now.

So that was April 2019…over and out!


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