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May 17, 2013

City Break to Tallinn, Estonia

I love fairytales and I love travelling to places that make you feel like you have landed in the middle of fairytale and that is exactly what happened when I went on my city break to Tallinn in Estonia.


Tallinn has become a popular destination for the cruise ships and stag parties especially in the summer months so pick your time of year wisely.  Visiting in March is a pretty grand time as not many tourists venture here at this time of year and the Old Town is covered in a magical blanket of snow.


The best thing about Tallinn is they do lots of sweet treats to eat as its apparently the home of Marzipan so there are numerous gorgeous little cafes offering hot chocolate, cake and Marzipan to tempt you.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much to tempt with me and it’s a great way to escape the cold temperatures outside.


I visited the Kalev Marzipan Museum which gives demonstrations and also the history of the sweet.


Shopping wise, Tallinn has a treasure trove of shops from your Soviet antique shops, boutique fashion shops, chocolate shops, tourist shops, craft shops and a rather beautiful jewellery shop called A-Galleri where I bought two pairs of stunning earrings.  There are markets dotted around the Old Town with little ladies selling wool socks, hats and other crafts which aren’t cheap however the quality is extremely high so worth the extra money.

What I found so cute in Tallinn was the souvenir shops had these lovely ladies (below) out the front showing off their wares.  And yes, I bought the hat / scarf combo that the top lady is wearing – when in Estonia you need to buy yourself something crazy!


The Old Town has so many things on offer to do that you will never run out of things to do if on a city break or if you are visiting for a bit longer.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral..


..wandering around the snow covered Old Town Walls..


..discovering churches..


…falling in love with the details of these beautiful wooden doors…


..and just smiling at how gorgeous the Old Town of Tallinn truly is.


On the flight to Tallinn I had read in the travel guide (yes I had one with me!) that suggested that during the winter months not to walk on the footpath as the snow falls off the roof tops in the Old Town and brings along unstable masonry – all correct and true as I saw it happen. However what they don’t tell you is that you need to be careful of the ice patches that form on the road as they’re a death trap.  I managed to slip on a very large piece of ice (pictured below) and managed to hit my head = apparently I broke my neck but the doctors weren’t too sure!


Now as my blog is called so it would be wrong of me not to show you this cool shoe drainpipe!


Tallinn is such a beautiful place to visit and if you like walking around something that resembles a fairy tale then Tallinn has to be the place to visit.  Totally romantic with lots of sweet treats to eat, what more could you want!


I stayed at the Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel, located in the Old Town of Tallinn and was amazing value for the price I paid.  The hotel even has it’s own cafe offering hot chocolate and cake for breakfast.


Ryanair have cheap flights to Tallinn ex Luton and Stanstead.


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