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May 15, 2013

Days Out in England: Burghley House

My name is Kelly and I’m addicted to snooping inside Stately Homes so my Historic Houses Association Membership is currently getting a rather good workout!  Burghley House has been on my wish list for many moons and I decided that I needed to tick if off my ever growing travel wish list.  So I thought I would include Burghley House in my Days Out in England series as you can spend a whole day snooping and eating here.


The first stop inside the house is visiting the Ancestors in the Attic and this had me giggling; I felt like I had arrived into Hogwarts with folks moving inside picture frames – it was incredible and took you through the history of the family living in Burghley House.


The next stop was heading down into the kitchens (and yes its very upstairs / downstairs at the beginning but there is soon a flow to the house tour) including seeing the little room bells which reminded me of a certain tv show that we all love.


Once you get out of the kitchens this is where all the snooping really happens and there were many times that I was left breathless wandering through Burghley House; the chapel area was just so gorgeous..


…the games room…


…this family liked to sleep a lot; there were loads of beds for goldilocks to choose from if she ever broke into Burghley House!


I always love seeing which titles are in the library, I’m always wondering if there is going to be some chick lit hidden in there!


The artwork on display is mind boggling, at every turn there is something new to discover…


…and more art…


…and more…


…and last but not least – the stairs to hell!  I kid you not, I walked down the stairs to hell and then looked up!


After visiting hell I thought I should head outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the gardens and the view of the house which is just beautiful


Thankfully spring has sprung and the gardens are starting to get some colour back in them!


Gluten Free Information

After all that snooping it was time for a bit of refuelling cake wise so I popped into The Orangery and was delighted to discover two gluten free cake options (Fruit Cake and Orange and Polenta Cake); I went for the Orange and Polenta Cake which was moist and ohhh so yummy.  My only concern was that folks were using the cake slice on all the cakes hence there is a slight worry of gluten contamination.


If you are a looking for something a bit more substantial then speak to the staff and they will advise on the gluten free options (as they are not listed on the board) however they do gluten free fish and chips (they have a separate fryer for the gluten free requests) and can whip up a nice salad (shock horror that is what I ordered!).

Burghley House costs £15 per person to enter however if you are a Historic Houses Association Member then entry is free on presentation of your pass.

What’s your favourite Stately Home in England?


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