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May 15, 2013

Guilty Pleasures: My Croatian Donut Addiction Revealed!

Every Friday my sister Lisa takes over the blog and today is not exception as she’s sharing her guilty pleasure…the Croatian Donut.  Just setting the scene with a photo of our family village on the Dalmatian Coastline in Croatia.

Guilty Pleasures: My Croatian Donut Addiction Revealed!

I awoke from a hot summer slumber with one goal in mind that morning – a chocolate donut from the bakery at the bottom of the stairs.

Now these are not your typical Dunkin’ Donuts or western donuts these are the most amazing, awesome, brilliant donuts ever created. They are circular balls of heaven with a gooey chocolate centre. I cannot sufficiently describe how much they are the food of the Gods, you have to try one of these for yourself.

So I awoke, showered and attempted to leave the house quietly without waking any of the guests to find…holy heavens…I’ve been locked in! but is it for my safety or the villages?

Panic stations started, Oh My God! a morning without a chocolate donut. Hyperventilating, sweats this can’t be happening. Someone is going to buy them all. Can I climb off the balcony, over the downstairs guests balcony and shimmy down the giant olive tree in the courtyard without breaking my neck?…hmmmm yeah, maybe not! This called for the big guns…mum on What’s App to sufficiently describe my distress.

And the hunt for the keys began. High, low, in every bowl, table, bench…then a miracle after twenty minutes of hunting and telling myself I could not climb out my bedroom window (coverage over the apartment below was mainly decoration and wouldn’t hold me) I found the now beloved keys and then it became a game of finding which one unlocked the door while still trying to be as quiet as possible. Then once that door was open I practically slid down the 98 steps to the bakery, I moved that fast.

And glory be there was a chocolate donut left for me, OK so I got two but a girls gotta eat and that hunting around really worked up an appetite. I then headed back up the steps at a much slower pace, remembering it was 98 steps, stopping for a couple of short breathers. I then headed into the kitchen, shut the door and devoured those donuts without prying eyes watching how fast they disappeared.

Guilty Pleasures: My Croatian Donut Addiction Revealed!

My name is Lisa and I am addicted to Croatian donuts. How about you?

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