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May 15, 2013

Discover Croatia: The Makarska Riviera

I’ve read a number of blog posts lately about Croatia’s best kept travel secrets and the same places keep getting mentioned in every post – let’s just say Vis is so 2009! So I thought I would share an area of Croatia that is still off the radar for many travellers and has the best beaches on offer in Croatia – let’s go and explore the Makarska Riviera.


Yes Croatia has a Riviera – move over France and Italy as there’s a new kid in town with cute little villages and crystal clear beaches that is a lot nicer on the old purse strings.

Let me introduce you to some of the villages on the Makarska Riviera and how you can enjoy your holiday.


Makarska is the main town in this neck of woods and offers all the amenities that a traveller could wish for including hotels, great restaurants, love locks and a beautiful riva (waterfront area) where you can relax with the locals drinking copious amounts of coffee.  The town offers perfect spots for sunbathing and if you feel inclined, some great hiking trails.



Famous for it’s pine trees and beautiful beaches, this is a village that you must stop and take a dip in as it’s the first village on the Makarska Riviera.  How good is the beach; it was voted one of the worlds Top 20 beaches by Forbes, fancy taking a dip now don’t you! (image credit)



This is my favourite village on the Makarska Riviera (I could be biased as it’s where my grandfather was born), the village offers great beaches (including a nudey beach if you feel like bearing your soul to the world) and also gorgeous views over to Igrane; sunsets are just amazing!



The bell tower and yummy fish restaurants make this little village worthy of a stop.  Now if you are into King Arthur what you probably don’t know is that his mother was apparently born in Igrane and the village holds a King Arthur festival to celebrate the connection.


I love the name of this village – honestly just visit so you can say Tucepi (Too-Cheep-Ee).  One of the most visited villages along the Riviera with great options if you like water sports.

You won’t be bored on the Makarska Riviera as there is plenty to do!

St Jure

Now St Jure isn’t a hill, it’s a blooming giant mountain overlooking the Makarska Riviera and offers incredible views of the coast and to the islands of Brac, Hvar and Korcula; the ride up to the top is a bit of a white knuckle ride!


Fishermans Picnic

Pop into Makarska to book your Fishermans Picnic which is boat trip with a fish picnic offered on board while they drop you off on some secluded beaches along the coastline or outer islands.

Day Trips from the Makarska Riviera

The location of Makarska is a winner as you can take a day trip to a variety of destinations including Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Brac, Mostar and Sarajevo just to name a few.  I highly recommend a visit to Mostar or Sarajevo as it’s so insightful into the history of the region.


The locals on the Makarska Riviera are incredibly warm and you will feel completely welcomed when visiting the area.  If you are looking for a holiday provider then First Choice offers a range of holidays to Croatia.


Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with First Choice however this is my favourite part of Croatia so please check it out.

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