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February 13, 2015

Discover Croatia: Two Very Different Croatian Valentine's

Every Friday I let my sister Lisa go wild on the blog and today is no exception with her delightful tale about Two Very Different Croatian Valentine’s – sit back and get ready for a giggle!

Valentine’s Day – you either love it or you hate it, so last Valentine’s while in Croatia I did a bit of both. So here I present two options for a Croatian Valentine’s Day.

In Zagreb there is a little museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships and this is where my day began. The premise is pretty much what the name says, and for all of you singles I guess it could kind of be the place to be. None of those super romantic loved-up couples shoving themselves in your faces, no red roses lining the path. Here you see the remains of hopes and dreams that ended badly, sadly or just plain ended.
And when you have had your fill of what might or could be at the end of the road for some of those super obnoxious couples who are giving you those faces full of sadness at how alone you are you get yourself to the bus station for the picturesque bus ride from the country to the coast and little old Zadar for some romantic at heart magic.
Now on Valentine’s night the place to be after you have of course watched Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite sunset from the super brilliant Sea Organ is to get yourself to the forum for the magic time.
At 8pm or for those that can’t wait (this is Croatia) a little before you can see thousands of lamps (or lampioni in Croatian) float into the sky with wishes and hopes written on them. Filling the forum and in turn the night sky aglow with a multitude of floating stars in a variety of colours with ‘Love is in the Air’ (I love Strictly Ballroom so it’s OK) blaring in the background.
At 20 kuna they are a bargain (and luckily my accommodation the Boutique Hostel Forum was selling them so I got a couple, well 5 really) and the atmosphere is amazing. You can then go towards the sea and watch as they float (if you are a real romantic don’t look down at the ones that didn’t make it) out towards the islands filling the night sky with pure magic that no camera can truly capture (trust me I tried).
And for a trendy room with a view for Valentine’s you really can’t beat the Boutique Hostel Forum from which you can take in all the action.
The Museum of Broken Relationships in located in the Upper Town in Zagreb, while the Lampioni in Zadar takes place on the evening of the 14th February (Valentine’s Day) in the Forum. And while the Museum is 25kn the Lampioni are free to watch and enjoy.

So what are you doing for Valentine’s? and please try not to be too smug…

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