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May 15, 2013

Review: Wizz Air

While I fly a lot with British Airways, occasionally I book myself onto another carrier.  On my recent trip to Krakow, Poland I used the budget carrier Wizz Air as they fly out of Luton Airport which is a short hop to the airport for me.  And yes, I know how much everyone hates Luton Airport!


Flight Route

I was flying from London Luton to Katowice in Poland (return) and my final destination was Krakow for my crazy weekend away with my little sister.


Booking Process

Well I was super surprised on how easy it was to make a booking through the Wizz Air website and I didn’t get to the end of the booking process to find any hidden fees – well impressed with Wizz Air!

During the booking process it provides you full details of the size of the carry on luggage allowed for free and then all the additional chargeable luggage options.  Wizz Air is very upfront on what they charge for, so it’s up to you to make sure that you comply with their luggage rules / charges.  Of course, like all low cost carriers they try and sell you extra leg room, speedy boarding and food and if you are after these extras then it’s easy to add these to your booking.

Check In

Luton Airport – let’s just say I wasn’t a happy camper at check in.  There were lines going what seemed for miles for the bag drop / check in counters and I had to wait 30 minutes just to drop off my bag!

During this time I saw a staff member actually threaten a passenger by telling them if they didn’t move from the check in desk they wouldn’t be allowed to fly!  The poor lady didn’t actually speak English very well; I got to twitter to complain about this only to be told that the Luton Team that they outsource their service too were up to their service standard.  After me tweeting them what just happened they told ME to fill in a form, ummm NO!!  Just pure chaos and I was left was an extremely bad impression of the company.

Katowice Airport – Smooth and easy, just how the checking in process should be!  And a friendly staff member whom we shared a joke with during check in.

In the Air

Outbound – I flew on one of the new fleet that Wizz Air operate and this was very swish but what caught my eye was all the advertising; in your face and very Ryanair.  The crew looked smart and the aircraft was clean and tidy.   I did giggle over the flirting that went on between the cabin crew member and the pilot – felt very 70’s!

Flying over France on the way to Poland, there was a medical emergency on board and this was handled extremely well and calmly by the staff onboard.

Inbound – Lisa and I flew on a very old model of the aircraft back to Luton without all the flash advertising.  The aircraft was rather tired and needed a refresh.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words – here’s my 5’11 body, sorry about the sausage legs!


Would I fly with Wizz Air again?  

As Luton Airport is the closet airport for me then I probably would use Wizz Air again as they fly to a number of Eastern European destinations that the major airlines currently don’t fly too.  I would book extra legroom going forward as I did feel the squeeze.

If you are using Wizz Air to fly to Katowice Airport and then transferring to Krakow; there are two transfer options – either catching the Wizz Air bus or using the independent mini vans (which are right in front of you when you exit the terminal) which take approximately 1.5 hours to transfer between Katowice Airport to Krakow for approximately £10.  Super cheap and they’re air conditioned!

What do you think of Wizz Air?  If you are looking at booking a flight with Wizz Air you can do so by clicking here.


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