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May 17, 2013

Flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines as a Gluten Free Passenger

As we were spending nine nights in Malaysia we booked our flights with Malaysia Airlines to see what was offered to gluten free passengers flying Business Class from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.


Now I’m going to be totally honest, booking flights with Malaysia Airlines did make me feel slightly uneasy (not helped by people making faces whenever I told them we were flying with them) and the night before our flight to Kuala Lumpur I realised that my first ever flight was on Malaysia Airlines so my brain went into overdrive thinking could this be my last…I have a totally overactive mind!

Check in was a breeze and we were presented with invitations to visit the lounge within Hong Kong Airport but we decided to check out the Cathay Pacific Lounge instead and then I decided hells bells we better check out the other lounge as well…it would be rude not too…well I thought this and G got dragged along scowling!

Boarding the flight was done in an orderly fashion and G and I were pretty stoked to see how much leg room there was in business class; a lot more than what you get with British Airways.


Yeah a lot more than the new Business Class seats on BA that now have the same leg room offered as Ryanair!


Taking off was a breeze and the pilot informed us that there may be a few bumps when we took off thanks to those pesky three typhoons that were playing havoc in the area.  About ten minutes into the flight we experienced a nasty bump; I may have panicked and shouted to G that we were about to die…G is a rather sympathetic soul and told me that I was being a dick.  And yes I was!

Breaky was about to be served and I was surprised to see the white tablecloths coming out…you don’t even get that when flying business class with BA.  When I was provided with fruit and gluten free bread, I thought oh here we go…


…but then I got a lovely piece of salmon (which was nicer than the photo suggests) and a very yummy dessert.  The gluten free bread was actually eatable and I have to say I think this was possibly one of the best gluten free meals I’ve ever eaten onboard a flight!


We sat back and enjoyed our flight to Kuala Lumpur while experiencing the best customer service that we had on a flight for a long time.  Our return flight back to Hong Kong was just as good and we found the cabin crew to be very efficient, talkative and always willing to go the extra mile.

Would I fly business class with Malaysia Airlines again – definitely from a food and customer service perspective BUT and there is a BUT – we received no avios or tier points from our flights as we were on a cheap fare hence if I had an option between Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur,  I would choose Cathay Pacific.

Unfortunately Malaysia Airlines are missing a trick and I personally think they would have more frequent flyers using them if you received avios and tier points on all fares regardless of price.

I think G summed it up nicely, if he was given a choice between flying business class with BA or Malaysia Airlines he would choose Malaysia Airlines without a doubt but he did say this before he realised that he wasn’t getting any tier points…

Have you flown with Malaysia Airlines before, what did you think?


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