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May 17, 2013

10 Historic Houses Association Properties to Visit

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become a slight glutton when it comes to heritage memberships lately and my latest addition and addiction is the Historic Houses Association Membership…I’m slowly making a tiny list of 10 Historic Houses Association Properties that I need to visit!

Rockingham Castle

Strangely enough I bought the Smurf Mobile from Rockingham and didn’t have the faintest idea that there was a castle close by…I can normally sniff out a castle with ease.  Rockingham Castle was built by William the Conqueror and has a few ties to Charles Dickens.  You can find out more about Rockingham Castle here.


Burghley House

Years ago I visited the Gardens of Burghley House to watch the Horse Trials (G is a horsey person so I tagged along) however the house wasn’t open on the day and I promised myself that I would return…fast forward years later and I still haven’t taken a snoop inside.  Burghley House is one of Britain’s greatest non royal palaces.  You can find out more about Burghley House here.


Glamis Castle

Gleams Castle is rather famous for two reasons – firstly as it was the setting for MacBeth and secondly as it was the childhood home of the Queen Mother.  You can find out more about Glamis Castle here.


Knebworth House

Knebworth House has been in the same family for over 500 years (quite remarkable when I think of how old New Zealand is in comparison) and looks like the perfect place to pretend to be a princess for a day.  You can read more about Knebworth House here.


Castle Howard

I’ve visited Castle Howard once before and the only thing I can remember is that the cafe had the most amazing piece of Millionaires Slice I’ve ever eaten (I even purchased a piece for G however it didn’t make the journey home, as they say it’s the thought that counts right!) hence I need to revisit.  You can read more about Castle Howard here.

Castle Howard

Blenheim Palace

The birthplace of Winston Churchill and probably one of England’s most famous Stately Homes which will leave you breathless at every turn with it’s stunning beauty.  You can read more about Blenheim Palace here.


Hever Castle

I’m slightly obsessed with Henry VIII and if the story of his 6 wives interests you then a visit to Hever Castle is a must as this is the family home of the Boleyn’s – yes the second wife that got beheaded and the reason why England broke away from Rome.  You can read more about Hever Castle here.


Alnwick Castle

Northumberland is famous for being the castle county in England and one of it’s darlings is Alnwick Castle; the Dukes of Northumberland have made this their home since the early 1300’s.  You can read more about Alnwick Castle here.


Bamburgh Castle

Bamburg Castle has been on my wish list for years, every time I see a photo of the castle my heart misses a little beat.  This has been a royal strong hold since 547 AD!  You can read more about Bamburgh Castle here.


Highclere Castle

Last but definitely not least, Highclere Castle – totally popular for one reason, Downton Abbey and for Historic Houses Association Members you can gain free entry in the afternoons to this property.  Tickets are like gold dust (and the summer tickets are sold out already) so this is your sure way of getting a little snoop inside.  You can read more about Highclere Castle here.


The Historic Houses Association Membership starts at £45 per person and I think this is a fabulous membership as the quality of the properties that you can gain free entry too is outstanding!

You can read more about which properties you can gain free entry too here…word of warning you will end up spending hours going through the list choosing which ones to visit.

Disclaimer: Images belong to the Historic Houses Association


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