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May 15, 2013

Last Minute Cheap Flights to New Zealand for Christmas

I’ve flown home to New Zealand for Christmas and while I booked my flight a few months ago to try and get a reasonable priced flight over the festive period (and let’s be honest, there are no cheap fares over the Christmas period); I know there are some Kiwi’s that still haven’t found an affordable last minute flight home.  So here is my tip on how to find cheap flights to New Zealand for Christmas.


The UK loves to tax, tax, tax and tax us some more…even when we’re going on holiday and the longer the flight, the more tax you’re going to pay and those airline taxes to New Zealand are huge!

So here is my big tip…get a short haul flight from London to Amsterdam, Paris or Frankfurt and then fly to New Zealand from Europe not London, as the long haul taxes are a lot less from Europe vs England!

I flew from London Luton (I live in Bedfordshire) to Paris and then had a connecting flight from Paris to Auckland via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific.  I’m flying in Premium Economy ex Paris for the same price as an Economy flight ex London and I have much better flight times with the Paris flights.

If you are looking at flying home definitely check out the options out of Europe rather than London as you will be pleasantly surprised.

I did a quick skyscanner search using the dates of the 19th December to the 2nd of January so you can see how different the prices are. If your dates are flexible then you will most likely be able to find even better offers then the below…and this trick works all year round!

London – cheapest flight is £2,020 in economy!


Paris – £521 cheaper than London!


Amsterdam – £465 cheaper than London!


Frankfurt – £465 cheaper than London!


Obviously you will need to find a flight between London and Europe however if you’re flexible then you should be able to pick a flight for £100-200 which still makes flying ex Europe a hell of a lot cheaper than London.

Let me know if you find some cheap flights to New Zealand and if this little tip helps you out.


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