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May 15, 2013

Learning Spanish with Three Mobile

Recently I was invited to Learn Spanish with Three Mobile as they have just included Spain into their Feel At Home Portfolio in April which means you can use your phone abroad without it costing you big ££££’s (so you can holiday spam all your loved ones back home via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope to your hearts content) and New Zealand is also included in the Feel At Home Portfolio (thought I would mention this as I’m a Kiwi!).  So Learning Spanish….

Now I jumped at the chance and then immediately realised my mistake; I’m rather brutal with the English language (i.e. I’m still confused with which been or being to use in life so depending on how much I like or dislike the letter “G” on the day I swing either way! And don’t get me started when I open my mouth to say the following words, beard and bed or bear, beer and bare – they all sound the same) and letting me loose with another language well…eek!  But after playing around with some apps on my iPhone I came to realise that some where definitely better than others and also how easy it is learn a new language just by using your phone.

Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks

I really liked this Learn Spanish app as it was super easy to use, made for kids in mind but I just loved the games and I actually learned quite a lot using this app than a few of the others available because it was fun and it started with the basics first.

Learning Spanish with Three Mobile

Teach Yourself Spanish

While I loved Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks as it bought out my inner child, I did find the Teach Yourself Spanish app was more focussed towards adults so depending on my mood I would flick between these two.   This app had such an easy interface that even I could use it without getting confused…

Learning Spanish with Three Mobile

What I liked about this app was that you listened first and then repeated what you just heard (you record yourself – it was a giggle to hear my Kiwi accent trying to pronounce the words!) – you could do this as many times as you needed until you got it right (and it took a number of attempts!).  You start by learning basic greetings which for me was a winner.

Learning Spanish with Three Mobile


Now I did enjoy using this Duolingo Learn Spanish App as well as it’s very interactive where you hear the words then you need to match the words so it’s getting you thinking about things which is ace however I would have preferred to learn some basic phrases first rather than little boy aka el nino which in all honestly I thought was a weather pattern but there you go!

Learning Spanish with Three Mobile

Everyone learns in different ways so it’s finding an App that works for you.  What is your favourite Learning Spanish App?

Can I just say how much I love Vinnie Jones teaching us all Spanish on You Tube!

And after learning a few basics I really think it’s time I visit Spain again…now big question – Seville or Madrid?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Three Mobile and I did receive a few goodies i.e. Apple Gift Voucher and Spain Travel Guide however I’m a rather moody cow so all opinions are my own


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