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May 17, 2013

March 2020: Life Update

Hi De Hi Campers…well isn’t March a strange ol’ month…a month full of surprises and ups and downs!

March 2020: Life Update

^^A cuppa with biscuits is much needed at the moment.

Places I’ve Visited and Things I’ve Done this Month

It was Lisa’s birthday at the beginning of the month so we ventured out to Waitawa Regional Park to take some photos…

March 2020: Life Update

…and to have a ride in Pappy’s Plymouth Fury.  While the girls flew away to Melbourne for a weekend of shopping, Pappy and I went to the Howick Classic Car Hop…

March 2020: Life Update

…Pappy’s car was in the line up and I’m so pleased we went as the Beach Hop was cancelled due to Covid 19.

March 2020: Life Update

Then well…New Zealand was put into quarantine…and life started to get interesting in so many ways!

March 2020: Life Update

^^trying to bling it up in quarantine.

Pappy has joined my team meeting on video conference twice now wearing different head gear (they all had a giggle!)

March 2020: Life Update

…my team hasn’t met my mama yet so they think all the crazy genes are from one parent…they’re in for a shock!

March 2020: Life Update

^^Mama taking lunch orders during a work day.

Thankfully I’m eating my way through bowls of feijoas a day at home…

March 2020: Life Update

…and making food…pulled out the vegan chickpea chowder recipe and had lunch in the fresh air…

March 2020: Life Update

…and homemade fish pie.

March 2020: Life Update

Life Things

So the big life changing event for me is that I went unconditional on an apartment in Auckland this month…so bloody exciting to finally see some life changes happening…

March 2020: Life Update

…it also means colour schemes and I love bright colours but also picking a white paint out of the million and one white paints available…and then a neutral carpet.  Lets just say…red is a neutral for me…my friends still take the mickey out of my neutral red handbag!

Needless to say I think my moving in day is now pushed back…not upset, it is what it is.  We are all in this big mess together!

I bought a vintage 80’s T-shirt…not life changing I know…

March 2020: Life Update

…but I was wearing it on my last day of freedom…what I love more is that when you wear a jacket with the t-shirt, it looks like they’re having sex…I freaking love this t-shirt!

March 2020: Life Update

March 2020: Life Update

^^When the only thing open is bloody McD’s for lunch…going cold turkey on those Frozen Cokes folks now.

Health Update

I ended up with a cold…there was a personal joke that I had the Spanish Flu (not funny haha as it killed my Great Grandfather!)...but funny if you knew the circumstances of my life right now…this Kiwi is a bit of a nana and not used to Spanish late nights….I have promised to wear socks as protection at all times going forward against the cold!

Thankfully the nausea has buggered off that I suffered from during February…linked to my bowel condition…some very powerful drugs were called in to help.

I’m meant to be having the procedure (a camera down the throat)….give me a camera up the bottom any day…don’t want a camera down my throat!  But think that is now out the window with everything happening.

We can still go for a walk around the block which is great…exercise and fresh air…

March 2020: Life Update

…and I’m not taking this for granted after hearing that people aren’t allowed to leave their apartments in Spain and Italy.  Prewash morning selfie!

Ways to Beat Quarantine Boredom

  • Read…so many good books out there
  • Paint…learn a new hobby…I love watercolours…and there are plenty of tutorials on youtube to give you the inspiration required.
  • Exercise…from pilates, salsa to pvolve…there is something for everyone…I’ve done all three plus yoga since I was quarantined.  So many free classes on youtube, Pvolve is offering 30 days free…there is no reason not to get fit.
  • Bake or learn to cook a few easy to make meals…and then load up your freezer for when you hit the office at a later date
  • Make a photo diary of your time in quarantine…let’s hope this is going to be a one off experience!

Plans for April 2020

Quarantine baby….I prefer the word quarantine than self isolating…living the dream in our family bubble!  No breaking or entering into this bubble please unless you are tall, dark and handsome.

Someone in our bubble may venture to the supermarket in April…so freaking exciting…lets hope there is a bag of eskimos and flour available!  I think it will be Pappy as he’s edging to get out the most but it might be Lisa as she is an essential worker.

I have suggested we do a mini obstacle course with the Smart Car in the back garden and see who can do the fastest lap!


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