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May 17, 2013


When Mum and Dad flew in from New Zealand I met up with them in Frankfurt.

Mum and I adore Christmas, we start getting rather festive in November so I wanted to take my mum to Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is a chocolate box town in the middle of Germany.

As it was a bank holiday weekend in England, G and I had flown out to Frankfurt earlier to have a look around as G for some reason had never being to Germany before.

Germany to me is the most undiscovered country in Europe – most tourists write it off for some reason but the country is so full of history and beautiful towns and villages you fall in love with it very easily.

Frankfurt isn’t an exciting city unfortunately and it doesn’t have the history like other cities in Germany like Munich or Berlin; its the financial hub of Germany.

Its still a really nice place to wander around as due to it being the financial hub of Germany it has some very cool sky scrapers.

Frankfurt does have an old town centre and square to wander around in as well however its just not as grand as other cities or towns you might visit in Germany.

What I do love about Frankfurt is the amount of open space that is on offer

For me the highlight was the quirky statues dotted around Frankfurt including the man who managed to get high toe nails painted prior to my arrival!

We stayed at the Intercontinental Frankfurt which had amazing views over the river and city and we highly recommend.

When my folks arrived from Frankfurt airport we picked up a hire car, dropped G off at the airport and drove to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

I wanted my mum to experience what the Christmas markets are like in December in Germany and go shopping at Kathe Wohlfahrt which has the best hand made Christmas decorations on the market.  Expensive yes, but the quality is incredible and you will be able to treasure your items for a life time.

The town is chocolate box gorgeous and if in Germany then you need to visit.

My travel tips for Germany

Tip 1 – If only once in your lifetime, you need to visit the Christmas markets in Germany – the Germans do Christmas the best!

Tip 2 – If in Germany, buy a nut cracker or a smoker so you have something to remember your time in Germany every Christmas.  The best brands are Muller and Christian Ulbricht but there are many more quality brands.  Just make sure they are Made in Germany!

Tip 3 – If you went to Berlin and didn’t enjoy it then try Munich – the cities are very different between the North (gritty) and South (romantic)


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