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March 1, 2014

Pinch Me Travel Moments

I love “pinch me” travel moments; that moment when something takes your breath away, you can’t believe what you are seeing or doing at that one moment in time.  It’s a moment that nobody can ever take away from you.  Choosing one is so difficult so after flicking through my passport and smiling and remembering a number of “pinch me” moments I thought I would take you on a journey of some of my favourite moments.

80 pairs of shoes passport stamps from around the world pinch me moments

Taking the obligatory camel in front of the pyramid photo; sitting on a huge sand dune in Libya; enjoying the gorgeous Wadi Rum desert and riding a camel on my first trip in the Middle East.

80 pairs of shoes pinch me travel moments 1

Visiting the Valley of the Kings; exploring Korcula when all the tourists had left the island; enjoying the Dalmatian Coastline from the Dubrovnik Old Town walls and two Kiwis in blankets in Copenhagen.

80 pairs of shoes pinch me travel moments 3

Visiting the Acropolis on two different occasions – windswept was an understatement in the second photo; visiting paradise in London, the beautiful Kew Gardens and Venice (where I will be this Saturday!).

80 pairs of shoes pinch me travel moments 4

The very interesting Sarajevo, a jewel in the Balkans; wearing my jandals while exploring Monaco; making new friends in Morocco and discovering Roman Ruins in Tunisia.

80 pairs of shoes pinch me travel moments 5

Feeling on top of the world at Mt. Sinai; taking a mud bath in Jordan; patting a Cheetah (the same one that actually decided to bite me!) and the gorge swing – never again!

80 pairs of shoes pinch me travel moments 6

What are your pinch me travel moments? Check out these lovely bloggers who are also sharing their “pinch me” travel moments.



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