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May 17, 2013

10 Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, best known as the gateway to New Zealand but what you probably don’t realize is that Auckland has so many great things to offer travellers.  Here is a list of 10 things to do in Auckland!

Auckland Museum

Often overlooked by travellers, Auckland Museum offers a great lesson on New Zealand and military history.  The Museum itself is my favourite building in New Zealand and sits on top of a dormant volcano while at the same time offering a fabulous view over Auckland.  After a visit through the Museum, a walk and picnic in the Domain is a must.

80 pairs of shoes 10 things to do in auckland auckland museum

City of Sails

Auckland is nicknamed the City of Sails so a whirl on the water is a must when visiting.  There are so many options from taking a ferry ride across to Devonport or a speed freak whirl on the harbour via an Auckland jet boat tour.

Sky Tower

One of Auckland’s most recognised buildings is the Sky Tower which offers a viewing platform to take in the views of the city as well as the streets below.  If you love heights; why not do a free fall like Beyonce from the top of the Sky Tower or if you are feeling lucky then check out the casinos!

80 pairs of shoes 10 things to do in auckland sky city sky tower

Rugby Mad

If there is one thing New Zealander’s are mad about it – it’s rugby.  With three Auckland teams that you can support why not enjoy a game or two during Rugby season – the best team is Counties Manukau but I could be biased!  There is also the Auckland and North Harbour teams but honestly it’s all about Counties Manukau!

Island Hopping

If you want to escape the city and have a restful day exploring why not check out Waiheke Island, Tiritiri Matangi Island or Great Barrier Island.  Sitting under a tree eating fish and chips taking in this view was a pretty special moment.  Fullers offer numerous day trips from downtown Auckland.

80 pairs of shoes 10 things to do in auckland waiheke island

New Zealand’s Christmas Tree

When it comes to flora and fauna, New Zealand has it in abundance and I love the Pohutakawa tree which is nicknamed New Zealand’s Christmas Tree as it is in flower over the festive period.  A drive along the Pohutukawa coast line will give you ample opportunity to fall in love with this tree!

80 pairs of shoes 10 things to do in auckland pohutakawa coastal drive new zealand christmas tree

Volcano Central

Yes, Auckland is Volcano Central.  Why not get in the thick of it and walk to the top of Rangitoto Island just a short ferry ride away from downtown Auckland or visit these alternative volcano destinations in Auckland.

Let’s go shopping

The heart of shopping in Auckland is Newmarket, with a shopping mall and fabulous New Zealand designers having stores dotted around Newmarket.  If you are a Brit in Auckland, then Newmarket has a Coast store which is a brand that you will recognise for a party frock or two.  My sister highly recommends checking out Alannah Hill for all your pretty frock requirements.

Auckland Night Markets

This is something I have yet to do however the Night Markets are becoming a popular destination for great local food and flavours and are located in areas of Auckland not really visited by tourists.

Stuck at Auckland Airport

If you have a few hours to kill at Auckland Airport then why not catch a taxi to the Villa Maria Cellar which gives you a perfect introduction or a final goodbye to your New Zealand wine experience.  Just minutes from Auckland Airport, you can either have a wine tasting or a lovely lunch at the cafe.

When Giff Gaff asked for some tips about New Zealand the one thing that popped into my mind was the Kiwi slang; New Zealand definitely has it’s own unique language at times.  Here are some handy New Zealand slang to English translations to help you on your adventures and hopefully to curb a few embarrassing moments!

  • Bring a Plate = bring a plate with food on for the party
  • Rattle your Dags = hurry up Sheila!
  • Pack a Sad = someone is moody
  • Stoked = very pleased
  • Good as Gold = excellent
  • Choice = fantastic
  • Sweet as = awesome
  • Jandals = Flip Flops (I still don’t understand why jandals are called flip flops!)
  • Chilly bin = cool box or Eski
  • Hard Case = someone is a joker
  • Togs = swimming costume
  • Pants = trousers
  • Wop-Wops = middle of nowhere
  • Stop Gawking = stop staring at me
  • Bob’s your uncle = there you have it
  • Gumboots = Wellingtons
  • JAFA = Just another triggering Aucklander
  • Munted = something is broken


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