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May 15, 2013

24 hours in Split

Split, my favourite city in Croatia.  It’s a great destination if you are wanting a taster of what Croatia is like however it will definitely leave you wanting more.  Why do I love it so, it’s so relaxing plus it has a great splash of culture and beaches!

split riva old town croatia things to see and do 1

24 hours in Split, yeah I’m crazy however to spend 24 hours with my little sister (who is currently staying with family further along the Dalmatian coastline) and getting some much needed sunshine it was well worth it!  Lisa and I decided to soak up the atmosphere and do some touristy things that we last did over a decade ago when we first visited Croatia and trust me things have definitely changed.

Split is totally compact and walkable so you can see and do a lot of things in a short amount of time.

This is what we did in our 24 hours in Split

If you have a foot fetish then go and rub the toe of the statue of Gregory of Nin which is said to bring good luck hence he has a very shiny big toe.  Unfortunately at the present moment he is all boxed up however his toe is poking out for a rub or two!

gregory of nin statue split croatia things to do 1

Wander around Diocletian’s Palace and soak up the stunning architecture in the old town and go shopping in the underground complex.

diocletians palace old town split croatia things to see 1

Remember to look up as there are always things staring down at the tourists.

diocletians split croatia old town things to see faces 1

split statue croatia old town 1

old town split croatia things to do and see 1

Take a walk along the Riva and take the numerous steps up to the top of Marjan Hill for the stunning city view of Split.  There is a cafe at the top of the view point that sells refreshments including Cocktails so a great place to have a cocktail or two while the sun is setting!

city view from marjan hill split croatia old town

From the Riva you have stunning views of the harbour where you can watch a variety of different boats, ships and yachts come and go!

split harbour boats view from riva croatia things to do 1

The Riva is the main focal point for Split and its where the locals and tourists all congregate.  Croatia is famous for it’s cafe culture and sitting on the Riva having a drink is a must plus many of the cafes offer free wifi!

split riva croatia things to do and see 1

When my sister and I first visited Croatia back in 2001 we had drinks in Dicoletian’s Palace which you can still do however the tables have been removed and now they offer cushions on the marble stairs.  Still a winning destination in my world to have drink or two!

diocletians palace split croatia things to see and eat 1

Enjoy the stunning architecture that is on offer in Split; there is such a mixture of different styles that you won’t get bored.

split croatia buildings things to see 1

buildings split croatia old town 1

We managed to do all this and cruise the shops; if you like flat sandals ladies then this is the city for you!  I think it was my first visit to Split where I have never purchased a pair of shoes for myself (sad but true!)


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