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May 17, 2013

Hello Seattle

Okay it’s safe to say that Seattle has not being on my travel wish list ever but after winning the Air New Zealand eBay charity auction for a VIP tour of the Boeing factory here we are! To be honest, Seattle has surprised me as its so compact, it’s stunning and reminds me of Auckland a lot.

After our Air NZ flight from London we stayed a night at a LAX airport and got our connecting flight up to Seattle the next morning. Our connecting flight was delayed an hour then when we landed at Seattle our plane wasn’t close enough to the door so they had to move us closer which meant disconnecting everything – it was actually quite funny especially since Americans don’t really complain they just smile.

Checked into our hotel and due to being a platinum member at a hotel chain was put on one of the top floors – the 29th floor to be exact with a lovely big window to show off the city.

We popped out for lunch as G has spotted Subway and we knew what we were getting. After plane food and a sneaky Krispy Kreme donut that G doesn’t know about it was nice to have something made to your own specific tastes.

After lunch we went out exploring, the Pike Street market is in the 1000 places to visit guide (got my tick!) and it’s a cool place to visit as the market sells fruit, veg, meat, fish and flowers and it also has the original Starbucks.

Next stop was the Space Needle. G knows I hate heights but insisted I go up to the top, he apparently loves to see my squirm! Apparently Seattle is basking in great weather so you could see the mountains and outer islands – I suppose G was right, the views were pretty amazing.

Americans and lollies – they do weird stuff! I didn’t buy the Swedish fish but had to take a photo of them – why Swedish and not Norwegian?? So much questions regarding these lollies!


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