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May 15, 2013

The Fumoir Bar at Claridge's

Since we were staying in London on Christmas night I decided that it meant I could hit the sales on Boxing Day however I had to take hand brake along with me aka G.
After visiting Liberty and purchasing a few tiny items, we walked back to The Connaught however we made a pit stop at Claridge’s as you do.
Looking at how busy the Claridge’s foyer was I would say they were fully booked at Christmas like The Connaught.  We decided to visit the stunningly beautiful Fumoir Bar which is an art deco gem with a 1930’s Lalique panel.  What I loved the most was that the Fumoir bar only has capacity for 12 people and this has created a really an intimate space.
80 pairs of shoes fumoir bar claridges london
We arrived just after 3pm and even though it was the perfect time for a cocktail what I really craved was a scone or two.
80 pairs of shoes fumoir bar claridges london gluten free scones
The staff were only too happy to provide a cup of tea and gluten free scones in the bar and can I just say the Gluten free scones are the best I have ever tasted.
My birthday is in February and I thought I would try out their Gluten Free Afternoon Tea however after the success of the Inside Claridge’s documentary that was aired on BBC2 this month, getting a weekend slot in the early part of next year is slightly difficult. Instead I have booked Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley with their cute fashionista designed tea which I am super excited to try!

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