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March 4, 2015

A Gluttons Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Brussels, Belgium

When researching gluten free options in Brussels there was almost a total lack of information online which was slightly weird but I did find a few places that I thought I would share as sharing is caring.  So here is my little Gluttons Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Brussels; I should warn you there is a lot of sugar coming up!  (it’s the way I swing, I’m a sugar monster!)


Bar Amigo, Hotel Amigo

Our first night in Brussels we actually just ventured down the bar at Hotel Amigo (everything was fully booked as it was Valentines Weekend) however I was pleasantly surprised that the kitchen could quickly whip me up a gluten free club sandwich with chips which was tasty.


Afternoon Tea at Hotel Amigo

No trip away is complete without trying out a gluten free afternoon tea and luckily enough there is a great gluten free afternoon tea on offer at Hotel Amigo which is in collaboration with Pierre Marcolini.  You can read my full review here.


Pierre Marcolini

If you love chocolates and macarons then you’re going to be in heaven!  All the macarons are gluten free (expect the Speculoos macaron) so you can indulge and then indulge some more.  Definitely not for the faint hearted, the rather luscious hot chocolate and salted caramel macaron at Pierre Marcolini is something that has to be done at least once while visiting Brussels!


Seemed quite fitting to be reading this book in bed while indulging in a box full of chocolates.



Mary offers a number of rather tempting chocolates – too many infact.  Just double check with the staff when choosing your chocolates which ones are gluten free as there are a couple that aren’t gluten free.



Oh yes, Brussels has a Laduree and it’s blooming gorgeous!  When speaking to the staff at the store they said they’re going to be opening a tea room shortly; queue another reason for me to visit Brussels again in the near future.



I stumbled across Elisabeth while walking back to the hotel as I spotted a huge pile of meringues in the shop window so I had to stop and investigate for research purposes of course.  I may have purchased some meringues topped with hundreds and thousands; I’m a big kid at heart.



Apparently all Frites / Chips are fried in their own fryers so there is no cross contamination with other fried products; this is where you break into a gluten free happy dance. Like every other tourist in Brussels I ate a lot of frites!


Chez Leon

I wanted to eat Mussels and Frites in Brussels so the concierge recommended Chez Leon; it’s quite an iconic restaurant in Brussels and the number of wide eyed tourists and well dressed locals visiting did have me slightly confused about the quality of the food.  I ordered the Mussels and Frites; they were okay but I’ve had better at Cafe Rouge!


British Airways Lounge in Brussels

Unfortunately the British Airways Lounge at Brussels Airport somewhat lacks when it comes to gluten free food; there is some manky fruit or crisps.  I decided to wait for my gluten free meal on board the flight…


Gluten Free Meal on British Airways

This was my gluten free meal on our return flight back to London Heathrow from Brussels – a prawn salad where the prawns were extremely dry and powdery (left) however on the right was G’s meal; there was a lot of gluten envy going on!  Champagne Afternoon Tea if you eat gluten when flying business.


So where do you recommend visiting for a gluten free meal in Brussels?


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