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December 5, 2012

Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Wow that was a mouthful and a half!

To be honest, I was never really interested in travelling through this part of the world however my sister was totally obsessed and after visiting I can see why she wanted to travel through this part of the world.

We started our trip in Haifa and for me was a highlight of the trip as the city contains the stunning Bahai Gardens.  The views are incredible from the top as you can see all the 19 terraces below. 

Unfortunately we missed the last tour of the day (we need to return!) however we were in luck as we managed to get picked up by a taxi driver who was amazing and took us on a unexpected journey to Nazareth and the River Jordan and visit the baptism place and then dropped us all off at the bus station to catch the bus to Jerusalem (Yes we caught the bus and survived!)

Our next stop on our trip was Jerusalem and I can say our bus trip which was amazing!  The buses are definitely the way to travel in Israel.

Tip – most of the buses in Israel have free wifi


We did a walking tour on our first morning to get our bearings of Jerusalem; this is the best walking tour of Jerusalem – just remember to do the first walking tour as its slightly cooler and its a bit quieter.  Moki was the most incredible guide and was so passionate about his hometown.

For me the place I really wanted to visit in this region was Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity.

Tip – catch the number 21 public bus from Jerusalem to Bethlehem its easy peasy

The Church of the Nativity was amazing and just had so many hidden little treasures.  We ended up paying for a guide as it meant we could skip the queue who were also waiting to see the birth place of Jesus. 

Our final stop was Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa – the sunset was our lovely final goodbye to this amazing region.

When in Old Jaffa you need to visit the the Inna Abramson Gallery – a truly amazing shop with jewellery made my local artists.  I will forever treasure my pieces that I purchased.


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