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May 15, 2013

Stress Free Parking at Heathrow with APH Parking & Hotels

I’m going to say it – I find the preparation of going on holiday stressful!  The packing (don’t even get me started!), remembering to check in online, telling your bank that you’re off overseas (normally done either in the lounge prior to getting on the plane or a frantic phone call from an ATM overseas) and then there’s the dilemma of trying to find a car park that isn’t a million miles away from the airport and that’s where the lovely folks from APH Parking & Hotels come in handy with their stress free parking at Heathrow Airport via the Meet & Greet Service.

Stress Free Parking at Heathrow is completely possible and let me show you how!

Booking is a breeze, just pop onto the APH website and select your dates, times and terminal (make sure to check your terminal before leaving home, BA very kindly changed ours on our app from T5 to T1 and we weren’t the only people to get caught out!)


Then pack up your car with your overpacked bags and lollies (sweets for you crazy English folks) for your road trip to the airport – follow the easy directions on the booking form and park in the designated area once you get to Heathrow.  If I can do this, then anyone can (It’s fool proof as I had no problems following the instructions and this is from the girl that almost mowed down some tudor gardens thinking it was the exit!).


Jump out of the car and say hey to the lovely folks at the meet and greet desk and hand over your keys!  Super easy and this is where you reconfirm your return flight – this is super important as it means your car is waiting for you on your return.

Catch your flight to paradise and relax in the knowledge that you aren’t going to lose your car keys on holiday, phew told you it was stress free!


On return, just follow the simple instructions on the paperwork and say hey again to the lovely folks at the meet and greet desk and load up your car with your overloaded bags and the ten tonne of lanterns you purchased in the bazaar in Cairo.

Give the lovely man at the meet and greet desk a toot and a wave as you leave to venture home, all very easy peasy lemon squeezy as they say!

We were leaving heathrow within minutes of collecting our bags, it’s that easy and stress free; in fact we are looking at using this service again for our trip to Marseille this weekend – repeat service from me means it’s good!

Have you ever used the Meet & Greet Service at Heathrow Airport – what do you think?

Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary parking for review purposes but I’m a very opinionated Kiwi and always speak my mind regardless if I have a good or bad experience.


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    • November 13, 2014 / 6:15 PM

      I know, we have just booked the service again this weekend for our trip to Marseille! xx

    • November 13, 2014 / 6:11 PM

      Yes I agree – anyone who says they don’t is going to get a rather long nose xx

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