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July 23, 2014

Afternoon Tea at Claridges

Good things come to those who wait and I’ve being waiting a long time to get a booking to try the Gluten Free Afternoon Tea at Claridges.  Let’s just say it was totally worth the wait!  This was my third visit to Claridges for Afternoon Tea however it was my very first time sampling their delightful gluten free afternoon tea.


So I finally got a reservation, okay I may have ended up with two! (don’t ask).  So I ended up giving my additional booking to my blogger friend Emma; she owes me big style – maybe her next cat should be called Kelly (no pressure Emma!).   Without further ado here is my review of the gluten free afternoon tea at Claridges.


I’m not a huge fan of gluten free sandwiches as I find the sarnies can be a bit bland, dry and I also know there are two trays of sweet treats about to be delivered so you will be surprised to hear that I ordered seconds of the sandwiches; that shows you how good the gluten free sandwiches are at Claridges. (Left: Gluten Free Sandwiches; Right: Normal Sandwiches)



Now I knew that the gluten free scones at Claridges were amazing as I had snuck in to try them once before (but not the full tea).


So of course they passed my gluten free scone test with flying colours – they were easy to cut into, I still have all my teeth and they were super tasty.  I wasn’t a great fan of the Gelee due to the texture with the scone however on request they provided us with strawberry jam.  They are jolly good folks at Claridges!


My other half (G) made a big call a few months ago when we had Afternoon Tea at The Grande Bretagne in Athens; he said they served better scones than Claridges – so what was his final verdict?   The Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens does the best scones in the world and Claridges are currently in second place!  Start booking those flights to Athens folks!


Okay by the time I got to the pastries I was in afternoon tea heaven and had forgotten that I should be taking photographs hence the reason for the half eaten cake below.  Almost everything was identical to the normal afternoon tea which I loved.  The taste of these pastries were out of this world!


These are the normal pastries which I have on good authority were lovely!



I had a slight panic and chose the English Peppermint Tea which was lovely but I think I should have gone for the Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong  Tea (just because of the cool name!). G went for the Malawi Antler Tea, Claridges is only one of two places in the world where this tea is served so it’s super special.



For me there is only one luxury hotel in London and that’s Claridges.  You will not experience a more beautiful and relaxing atmosphere than Claridges.  From the moment you go through that beautiful revolving door you are treated like a princess / prince.



As you would expect, exceptional and faultless!


Would I recommend this Afternoon Tea – YES!!! Go straight to the Claridges website and book it right now by clicking here.  This is definitely London’s best afternoon tea by a long shot and sets the standard for afternoon tea.

The Traditional Afternoon Tea starts at £50pp.

Square Meal


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