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November 23, 2014

London Photography Tour

Last week on a school night (check me out getting all naughty in my old age!) I headed into the big smoke to learn how to take better night time photos with my smartphone from the lovely Phil Hibberd from Photography Made Simple while on a awesome walking tour with Charlotte from Best LDN Walks.  The London Photography Tour was sponsored by the mobile phone network GiffGaff.


When it comes to nighttime photography I always use my trusty Nikon camera that takes really great quality photos however the same can’t be said about my photos on my smartphone until NOW!

Our Walking Tour with Charlotte started at Waterloo Station and soon we were strolling along to Waterloo Bridge aka the Ladies Bridge as it was built by women during WW2 (views from the bridge)


and obviously the red thing is a …


After getting some pretty great tips from Phil I was ready for Southbank which is currently home to the Christmas Market and someone that looks like the Grinch!  And yes my tummy started to rumble but I refrained from buying any of those yummy looking chocolates.


Looking for something a little different to photograph in London then you need to get down to Leake Street Tunnel which is the only place in London where you’re legally allowed to graffiti.


I love London at night time and these have to be two of my favourite views!  Even the soggy London weather can’t ruin the view.


Scrolling through all my photos from the evening this is my favourite – what do you think? I just can’t believe I took this photo on my smartphone!


So what night time photography tips did I learn

  • Hold your smartphone steady or lean it against something so you don’t get a blurry photo
  • Try taking photos at different angles, don’t be afraid to turn your camera on the side to take a photo – try something different!
  • When taking a photo at night time using an iPhone, touch the screen and highlight the brightness square either on a dark spot on the screen or the brightest area and this will change the amount of light shown in the photo – you can choose which works best for you and the photo.

What are your night time photography tips?

A big thank you to Charlotte from Best LDN Walks, Phil from Photography Made Simple, GiffGaff and Joe Blogs for organising the event.  If you want to see more photos then use the hashtag #giffgaffsnaps on twitter and instagram.

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