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January 20, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Egypt Now

If you read travel blogs and magazines like me, you know what destinations are going to be hot, hot, hot in 2015 but strangely enough one country was left off every list I read – Egypt!   Things have now settled in Egypt and the country is screaming out for travellers so I thought I would do a cheeky post on 10 reasons why you need to visit Egypt now!


No Queues

Queueing, my pet hate – on our recent visit in October last year there were NO queues anywhere.  The biggest bonus is that you won’t get hordes of folks in your photos especially when visiting the Pyramids.


More bang for your buck

If you’re on a budget then you’re going to love Egypt – it’s super cheap; you will get amazing deals on hotels, felucca rides and the cost of living is scarily cheap!  Shopping in the bazaars are so much fun and you can get some incredible deals if you look around.


5 star luxury for 3 star prices

Want to stay in Egypt’s most luxurious and famous hotel the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, well you can with prices starting at just £105 – seriously good value and the views are incredible.


Falafel lovin’

If I had found a t-shirt saying “I love falafel” in the bazaar I would have bought it.  Egypt serves up the best falafel and I could happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Shall we let the picture do the talking!


The friendly locals

The Egyptians are incredibly welcoming folks and love having tourists in their country.  As there aren’t that many westerners travelling in Egypt at the moment, everyone wants to talk to you!  I received a lot of cuddles that day at Giza ( I love a big cuddle or ten…).


Crazy Cairo

You need to experience crazy Cairo; it’s just so darn crazy and I love it!  The hustle and bustle, the speed freak taxi drivers and the haunting call to prayer makes this a great place for a city destination (with Giza only a short taxi ride away)


The crazy camel photo

No travel photo album is complete without the terrible camel photo!


Death on the Nile

Reading Death on the Nile while sunbathing beside it may sound like a cliche however gazing up from my book to admire the Nile made me feel like I was part of the story.


Egypt needs you!

Book a flight and get your bottom to Egypt in 2015 as you won’t regret it; the history, the people and the food make this country a magical destination.


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