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January 21, 2015

What I Wore to Egypt: My Packing Tips

Travelling to Egypt can put the best packers into a tizz including me and I can put my hand on my heart and say; I overpacked!  I thought I would share some do’s and don’ts on packing for Egypt in this What I Wore to Egypt post.


I love traveling to the Middle East however for a woman you do need to take extra care on what you pack.  Having your boobies hanging out is just plain disrespectful and will cause you no end of problems in the long run.  Trust me just by having blue eyes makes people stop and stare!

Travellers head to Egypt for various types of holidays i.e. the Red Sea for a package holiday, the Nile Cruisers, the back packers and the folks looking for a more luxurious experience in the hope they don’t get an upset tummy (you still do!) so this little mini packing guide is what worked for me on my last holiday.


I took the trusty old converse as they’re perfect for exploring the ancient sites in Egypt, Havaianas for the pool and spa and two pairs of sandals (one more casual and a sparkly pair).  Keeping your shoes limited and simple will help you no end with your packing.  In addition to these shoes I took my trainers (which heaven help me I did use twice!) and some ballet flats (perfect for the flight back to London).


shoes for travelling


If you’re planning on heading out to do some sightseeing and don’t want to draw too much unwelcome attention to yourself then this outfit worked well until I ran into the very large group of school kids from Southern Egypt and well…then I became a rock star and everyone wanted my autograph!


Jeans / Trousers, Cotton Top, Scarf and Converse.  The red face comes naturally from sweating like a pig from walking between Pyramids rather than getting my driver to ferry me between them!


Converse are the best!  While we all want to look glamorous while we travel however comfort and sturdiness are the key when you want to get a bit intrepid on your travels.

If you plan to sightsee and visit the bazaars then covering yourself up is important.  Maxi skirts and dresses, scarves, trousers, jeans and cotton tops all work really well.  My motto is – the less skin on show the less hassle you’ll get!

Not leaving your hotel then take what you would normally pack for your summer holiday but within reason.  While I felt comfortable wearing a backless dress at the hotel in Aswan; I didn’t feel so comfortable wearing it at the hotel in Cairo.


Take you normal toiletries but make sure you invest in a good sunblock!  Trust me looking pink like Miss Piggy just ain’t cool in your photos that you post on social media.  I also swear by Ren Rose Moisture Defence Oil as it’s fabulous after a long flight plus if you get a tad pink it helps the redness almost immediately.  If mosquitoes love you then take a spray or see about getting a B12 jab before you leave home (they won’t come near you!).

So what do you take on your travels and do you always cover up in a Muslim country?


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