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November 24, 2012

Afternoon Tea at Doubletree Hilton in Cambridge

A few weeks back I purchased a voucher through the Living Social website for Afternoon Tea and the use of the Spa facilties at the Doubletree Hilton in Cambridge for a bargain price of £35.

After a busy week which included saying goodbye to my little sister who flew back to New Zealand (it seems strange that we are no longer on the same time zone), I felt the need for a little bit of TLC.

I love Cambridge and luckily enough its only a 30 minute drive away from our house so when I want to indulge in some shopping I head straight to Cambridge and in the process I get to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Unfortunately I am back to not eating gluten, something which is highly annoying when you are out and about and need to grab something to eat in a hurry or when you are also addicted to Afternoon Teas as I am!

The afternoon tea was okay at the Doubletree Hilton, nothing too special and my request for a gluten free Afternoon Tea was not in the booking however the waiting and kitchen staff did find me a gluten free alternative which I am forever grateful for.  Fresh fruit vs cupcakes – G was a darling and gave me his cup cake frosting.

It was the strangest service ever though – after all the food was served, there was no waiting staff in the restaurant, it was the oddest thing ever.  We ended up just leaving as we weren’t sure what was happening and G needed to shop.

We went for walk into Cambridge as G wanted to buy a new pair of shoes (yes G not me! – that would be 5 pairs in 6 weeks!).  He is currently obsessed with Vans and he has pointed out another pair that he wants possibly as a Christmas present.  It’s seriously crazy as I think he might be needing another shelf in the Shoe Room.

Anyway after G’s retail therapy, I bought nothing, we headed to the spa facilities at the hotel to sit in the steam room and the hot tub, pure bliss when its chilly outside.

Walking back to catch the Park and Ride bus it was lovely to see Cambridge at night time, its a truly beautiful city at any time of the year.


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