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October 22, 2014

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea with a Sprinkle of Bloggers

I first started my blog as a way to share my adventures with my family as Facebook had started to annoy me with all it’s spam.  Last year I started blogging more as it was a way for me to escape from real life when things were getting really tough.  Having a new years resolution of eating more gluten free afternoon tea seemed like a winner and it got G and I out of the house most weekends which was a good thing.

What I didn’t realise was that almost two years later that my little world that I could escape too would help out other folks choose a gluten free afternoon tea or where to stay and eat when they travelled AND that I would meet some beautiful ladies through blogging.

Last week was a great afternoon tea and blogging week and let me tell you why!

Sunday I went to Claridge’s as I wanted to reconfirm this was the best gluten free afternoon tea in London and I can confirm it is – you can read my full review here.  I also needed to pop Sara’s afternoon tea cherry and where better to go than Claridge’s.

80 pairs of shoes afternoon tea and blogging

Sara is a Kiwi lady that I have wanted to meet for ages as I love her travel blog and she is also a regular to our monthly travel link up.  If you haven’t read Sara’s blog called Big World Small Me you really need to click here!

I always get butterflies in my tummy when I meet a blogger for the first time especially when you totally love their blog and meeting Sara was no exception but with afternoon tea in front of us we chatted for hours about travel, wedding dresses, travel, work, travel (you get the picture)…and I have to say a big thank you to Claridge’s for not kicking us out when we were still sitting in the Foyer and Reading Room at 8pm on a Sunday night!  I love that Sara has already booked her next afternoon tea with free flowing champagne for Christmas.

Then Tuesday rolled around quickly and it meant another gluten free afternoon blogging date with two special ladies – Meg from Meg-Made aka the queen of confetti filled balloons and Emma (she doesn’t need an introduction).

80 pairs of shoes afternoon tea and blogging 1

Meg is off to live in Abu Dhabi in a few weeks time so we had a cute Jimmy Chew Chew Afternoon Tea date at The Berkeley for Meg.  This wasn’t a goodbye date at all as I’m sure the smurf mobile sat nav will get Emma and I lost one weekend and we will end up in Abu Dhabi (stranger things have happened)!

Can I just say that I really want to pinch the china tea set from The Berkeley! But the best bit of news is that the Jimmy Choo Afternoon Tea is available until the 27th of October so get your trainers on girls and run to The Berkeley for Afternoon Tea fast (just maybe take some pretty shoes with you though)

Blogging should be fun and meeting ladies that inspire you, whom make you laugh and encourage you to blog is what blogging is all about.


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