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January 12, 2013

Southill Village Tea Rooms in Bedfordshire

After a rather busy week at work, this weekend is for relaxing and not getting changed out of my pj’s – well that was the intention.

G decided we should go for a drive, after the dilemma of decided what shoes to wear as he wouldn’t tell me where we were going I decided on taking two pairs of shoes just in case; it was initially going to be three pairs but I threw one pair back!

Apparently during the week G had stopped off into some little tea rooms at Southill in Bedfordshire where he treated himself to tea and scone – this was after eating the healthy salad I had made him for lunch.  He then enquired if they do gluten free food which they did.  Hence the reason for our little Saturday visit.

I don’t like being gluten free – its just a right hassle and not easy when eating out or visiting people.  At the moment I am on the FODMAP diet which is even harder as you are meant to be gluten, wheat and lactose free along with a number of fruit and vegetables excluded from your diet which includes onion and garlic – difficult to say the least!   Needless to say I do stumble on the odd occasion as I love to eat!

Southill Village Tea Rooms in Bedfordshire is really cute and quirky which I love – it was the old village store and it has basically diversified by the looks of it but it still sells chocolates, biscuits, milk and newspapers along with serving really good old fashioned teas.

Each table had a different tea set and there was bunting hanging around the tea room which put a smile on face.

I ordered a really great gluten free egg and mayo sandwich which came with a salad and crisps – the bread was really light and honestly it tasted like normal bread. 

The gluten free sultana scone was slightly chewy at first however it wasn’t too heavy and after a few bites was actually really nice.  G told me that the normal scones are amazing.

We ordered two slices of the gluten free Lemon Drizzle cake to take home for later and this was incredible!  If you are gluten free or not – order the Lemon Drizzle cake.  Its seriously tasty!

It looks like during the summer months you would be able to sit out the front of the tea rooms under the trees.

The Tea Rooms were extremely busy – the tables were always full which can only mean one thing – it’s a really great place to visit!

G and I will be returning, no doubt about this!


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